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Arvada, CO 80002-2623

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40Our technicians have extensive training and experience in automobile care.   Each of our mechanics have succeeded in acheiving the Master Technician Certification, the highest level of academic recognition available through the ASE institution for Automobile Service Excellence. 

Our mechanics undergo bi-annual re-certification on the latest trends in automotive engineering, diagnosis, emissions equipment and maintenance.   If it exists in the automotive industry we have the latest in technology and training on it. 

Feel free to ask us about our credentials.   

Meet the Technicians.....


Eurosport subscribes to the latest in computer aided automotive data technology.  As soon as your car is entered into our system, our mechanic has access to the vehicle history, factory bulletins, maintenance schedules.  We perform the same sensor data scan as the dealer by accessing  the automobile on-board computer.  Within minutes our technician can accurately diagnose problems and generate the orders for expedited parts, warranty and quote paperwork. 






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